Turn Your SmartPhone into a vTU portal that potentially Pays you 
N50K  - 100K Every Single Week
Through airtime, data & bills payment

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Nigerian Has Over 200Million Active GSM  Subscribers...... Do You Also That  About 4Million Nigerians Recharges Per Hour & Telecom Industry Generates More Than N10Billion From Airtime & Data EveryDay?

What is there is a way you could leverage of the existing telecom company, connect people to own their VTU Portal and Make money everytime someone buys airtime & data?


  • No Prior Experience Needed
  • Profitable & Sustainable
  • No Risk Involved
  • Very Low Start Up Capital
  • 30 MIns - 1 Hr Daily

Read This Before You Go Further...

Allow me to introduce myself....

My name is Emmanuel Maradesa, I am a Digital Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker & Business Coach.

Chances are you haven't heard of me before. But when you finish reading this, you will be glad you finally did.
I'm about to show you a recession-proof business that I use to make 7-Figure income consistently per month, through the Nigerian Telecom Sector.

I started a Virtual Top(Up) (VTU) Telecom Vtu Business around 2017. I have built this business to Multi-Million Profit, I have over 3Million VTU Users conected to my VTU Portal.

To God be the glory, we have raised successful entrepreneurs in my business. I am ready to train you on how I am making 8 Figures income consistently with the use of Smartphone & Digital Tools to promotoe telecom vtu business brand.

You won't have to beg people to buy... and you don't have to sell airtime & data like street vendors.

These products are daily essential needs that people can't do without and this telecoms platform is self servicing.

This VTU Business has given me so much financial freedom and enable me to travel round the world and to live my dreams..... 

I have recently packaged all my years of experience  and making 7-Figures consistently in the Telecom Industry in such a way that will help get started in VTU Portal Business.

I am ready to hold you by the hand, show you how my secrets so that you too can start earning up to 7-Figures Monthly using just your smartphone.

So, if you're open-minded,  coachable and ready to add some extra zeros to your bank balance in this harsh recession...




Just Got Himself A Ride

My International Trip To Dubai Worth 500k 

She Made 11.5 Million Naira in A Month

Testimonial of A Fresh NYSC Graduate

You Too Can Start Your Online Telecom Business In 3 Simple Steps And Make Huge Money Even In This Economic Recession

#1. Buy a VTU Package

This qualifies you to own a VTU portal on the telecoms company server with minimum of N5,000

#2. Attract Customers

Our leverages affiliate system helps you build your customers base fast

#3. Enjoy The Profit

Make money per second everytime your customers buys airtime and data

The Best Part Is...
You Get An Instant
On Your Signup Fee

...and residual income from all transactions carried out on your VTU Portal.

"This Is The Exact Way
Banks & Telcoms Company Make
Annually For Doing Absolutely Nothing!"

Just Because Nigerians Uses Their VTU Portal For Airtime & Bill Payments

Now Is Your Turn To Make Your First 

What Are You Waiting For?


In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here's the summary...

We want to hold you by the hand over the next few months to help you build a profitable and sustainable telecom business that can create massive wealth for you even in the worst economic recession

Our goal is to help you  earn your first N1Million and we'll give you the blueprint to achieve this in six month or less.

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